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What are the important things to keep track of in product audit checklist?

John Predmore

Quite Involved in Discussions
Depends on your purpose. Who are you trying to satisfy? If this is for the customer, track items important to your customer. If this is to catch non-conformities from going out the door, make a list of the errors and defects that you have seen or are worried about. If this is to fulfill a QMS requirement, what does the standard call for? You may want to focus on product packaging, labeling, production traveler and shipping documents, because these are typically the final steps of production and there is often no other downstream inspection after these final steps.
I find the most challenging one is keeping ahead of updates to all the different standards that may apply to your workplace and quality system. Your product may stay the same for years, however the Brazilian pest control standard (for example) may change and you have to account for it in your audit somewhere.
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