What are the pros and cons of using an audit software for internal auditing?

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It doesn't get down into the roots. After the 1st or initial use there is very little gain or new information gathered. You can't pre-program an effective audit when all you get is regurgitated information audit after audit and a continual gap analysis.

There isn't a great deal of flexibility afforded with these things, I see it all the time, boring, dry and empty lacking in simple things like "taking into consideration previous audit results".........You can't pre-program those previous results in a software package.....And you can't pre-program an audit trail if an answer provided isn't what was expected and you have to go off into a different tangent..........

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In my opinion, it is a good tool to use towards your ultimate goal of auditing. For straight-forward questions in regards to specific standards, I think auditing software is of benefit to keep you on track and task for the basic needs required to be fulfilled. However, as Randy said, it does not really dig as deep as needed for a cohesive audit. So ultimately, you will still have to do the work of the audit yourself.

Pro: Good 'outline' or bare-bones format to build off of
Con: Not a one-stop-shop for your auditing needs and probably never will be.

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Could someone tell me what are the pros and cons of using an audit software for internal auditing?

Some questions to test the ability of this software:

1. Does this software suggest audit objectives in keeping with the objectives of the internal audit program?
2. Does it facilitate audit planning for acceptance by the auditee?
3. Does it compile opening questions according to the audit criteria to fulfill the audit objective?
4. Does it provide follow-up questions?
5. Does it provide space to record the evidence?
6. Does it determine the findings after evaluating the evidence against the audit criteria?
7. Both positive findings and system nonconformities?
8. From these inputs does it produce a report comprising:
A. Objective
B. Findings
C. Conclusions
9. Does it issue corrective action requests?
10. Do these corrective action requests spell out the nonconformity in terms of:
a. the requirement?
b. the evidence of not meeting the requirement?
c. the nature of the nonconformity?
11. Does it track CARs to close-out?




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Just to add - I have started to use iAuditor by Safety Culture. It provides a pretty good skeleton to put information in. You can create your own templates based on your own user needs and inputs, which is handy (although time intensive). It also gives folks the ability to audit with a mobile device like a phone or tablet, which can be handy when you're collecting objective evidence on a shop floor!

Just my two pennies :)

Jen Kirley

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We have discussed auditing software here many times. I have heard good things about iAudit, but as Randy says these tools can be too limiting. A effective audit should explore processes in order to identify strengths, opportunities and nonconformances. I have never seen software that could effectively replace a knowledgeable person's brain and inquisitiveness.

Software is good for planning, storing results and tracking performance. I did what I could when building the Audit Program Manager tool using Excel. It is available for free in the Developing a
ISO 9001:2015 Internal Audit Plan and Schedule thread.


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In my opinion, audit software is only as good as the user. We actually use a program when conducting our internal audits. The problem is, you can't expect the software to provide what you need for a audit. We use the program as a template only. So the user needs to list and understand the inputs, outputs, KPis, etc. You still have to do the legwork. Organizations are too different. A one size fits all checklist will never be effective.

The software will, however, provide you with a consistent format. Easy to understand reports (as long as the audit was conducted well). I want my auditors to be able to focus on auditing the process, not turn in a shiny looking report.
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