What aspects of the ISO 9001 1987 standard were changed in the 1994 revision



what aspects of the 1987 standard were changed in the 1994 revision? i know both of them are generally thought of to have a manufacturing bias but what were the major changes?
thanks in advance

Dan Larsen

Oh man! <Digging through my old standards pile...>

One I can remember for sure was the addition of "preventive action"...I got stung in an audit.


Fully vaccinated are you?
You might want to do a search in the main part of the web site. I know at one time a comparison was posted. I believe it still is. I just can't remember where it is. I'll try to remember to look over the weekend.

David Mullins

Standards Australia, and no doubt other ISO members, had a hand book with all the changes - Try e-mailling from their website http://www.standards.com.au

I had a copy, but threw it out ages ago.

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