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What Became of Alamo Consulting or Alamo Learning Systems

From Bloomberg:
The company is private. If the phones are still live, phone them. The website listed is live.

Alamo Consulting Group, Inc., doing business as Alamo Learning Systems, operates as a management consulting and training company in the United States. The company offers consulting services, and a series of instructor-led and eLearning training programs. Its consulting services include the Fast Track program, a solution for implementing quality system and preparing an organization for registration; and auditor training, awareness training, documentation development, GAP analysis, internal auditing/mentoring, process improvement, registrar coordination, and readiness questionnaire services. The company’s training services include AdvantEdge program that teaches proactive management skills, in...
Detailed Description
3160 Crow Canyon Road
Suite 280
San Ramon, CA 94583
United States

Founded in 1976


David Johnson

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Although Alamo Learning System may do some management systems work, I think that they focus on Logistics consulting now. I left them around that transition time. I see that Crusader referred you to Expert Resource, which is my company. I was with Alamo Learning System for six years and left to start ER. Crusader was one of my old Alamo clients that then looked us up when she left to a different company. We recently helped her set up ISO 9001 at her new place. If you have questions about an approach to any standard, contact me.
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So to be clear I was just wondering what became of them after happening up on a bunch of their "fast track" procedures still in use.

I wasn't a fan... I mostly remember them for incessantly calling me around the turn of the century.
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