What Calibration Software are you using?


I agree. Our company uses a program that was created by our IT guy using Visual Basic (VB) and Access, and it is just fine in tracking the Calibration.

I will third that motion. The beauty is most office applications have Microsoft Office on it, which usually has Access. You don't have to worry about upgrades, patches, and support.

Any money you were going to spend can go to taking an Access class, and learn how to do really nice macros and the like. You can end up with a really nice application that will serve you for years.

NOTE: If you do decide to use access, spend some time designing the application first. It is very important that you set things up right (as much as you can) the first time.


Hi, any trackpro user here, mind you can share your experience using the software :)


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Hi, any trackpro user here, mind you can share your experience using the software :)

Welcome HHakim,

The programmer used to visit here at one time and now, on and off. See this thread: (broken link removed)

Matt Swartwood

We use a program called GagePak, sold by PQ systems. It is very reasonable and will support any QMS system requirements (R&R's, stability, linearity, bias, etc).


I have been using Track pro for about a year. It has some limitations. The free software cannot be put on a server without a license, limited to 150 units to be calibrated. I found it pretty easy to use,do reports,add additional equipment. You can set it to flag which units are coming up for calibration.
It takes a while to get help from the programmer if you have any issues.
Hope this helps
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