What changed in Amendment 1:2011 in the ISO 2859-1:1999?



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We are using ISO 2859 standard at Goods In and during in-process quality checks to determine the sampling size to use, there has been an amendment of this standard to ISO 2859-1:1999/Amd 1:2011
Does anyone know what change was in the update ? and if I need review our processes for on-going compliance ?

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Without going into copyright issues by paraphrasing, the amendment accommodates the scoring roles of switching. Note that the section numbers given below are likely to have increased by one digit from previous because there is now an additional section 2 ? Normative references. It indicates the usefulness of the following - ISO 2859-3, ISO 3534-1 and ISO 3534-2.

In 8.1 (Sample selection) it additionally references ISO 24153 with respect to random sampling and also ISO 2859-10:2006 for further details at the end of the paragraph.

In (General) it gives the option that the previous ten lots have been accepted under original inspection assuming approval of the responsible authority.

In 12.5 (Average sample size curves) it now references ISO 3534-2:2006, 4.3.8 at the end of the paragraph.

In 12.6.3 (Producer?s risk tables) at the end of the paragraph it indicates ? in 4.6.4 of ISO 3534-2:2006.

In Table 9 there are additional average sampling size curve plots covering Ac = 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 18.

Finally in the Bibliography it additionally references ISO 2859-10, ISO 2859-2, ISO 3951 and ISO 24153.

I think I?ve captured everything.

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