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What could go wrong with information: Ransomware statistics and facts (2018 to present)

Richard Regalado

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2018-2020 Ransomware statistics and facts

2020 has rolled in, and so has a new bout of ransomware. This year, city governments are under attack yet again, but so are large businesses—with extra-large ransomware demands to match. Here's everything you need to know about the latest trends, facts, and stats surrounding ransomware.

*This article is regularly updated with the latest ransomware statistics for 2018 – 2020. We’ve compiled 40+ ransomware facts, figures and trends along with a round-up of predictions from industry experts at the bottom of the article.

At one point just a buzzword, ransomware is now an all-too-real threat to businesses, governments, and individuals worldwide. The problem with ransomware is twofold.
First, ransomware is designed to completely encrypt a victim’s file system, potentially causing an irreversible loss of data. Second, an increasing number of cybercriminals are utilizing ransomware to extract money out of victims.

Some surveys have shown that losses for businesses average $2,500 for each incident, with businesses willing to shell out upwards of close to a million dollars to decrypt their data in some instances.

The threat is only growing, as some reports find. The Beazley Group, for example, found that SME businesses are the highest risk. The highest ransom the company paid out for its clients in 2018 was over $930,000.
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