What Desktop Icons do at Night



Have you ever noticed when you use your computer first thing in the morning,
some of the icons appear to be in a different place than when you left?

Have you sensed that something goes on if you leave your computer on overnight? Well, when you go to bed at night and forget to shut down your computer, I think you ought to know what actually goes on. For the first time, someone has captured what takes place after you leave the room! Remember to have the sound on....

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^^^^^ what she said (what's a 'bagger', BTW?) - Welcome 'bagger'.......;)

I think it's one of those questions that if you need to ask, it doesn't pertain to you in the first place!:lmao:

Last night we were eating with the family. A table behind me is getting up, and my daughter (11 going on 20:tg:) says "they're motorcycle riders". Turning around you see the Harley Davidson jackets on. The wife proceeds to give the mommy talk regarding making assumptions based on their clothes; they may just wear them; lot's of people pretend to be the real thing; etc. Daughter says "Uh.. what about the helmets in the chair?":lol:

My first lesson into the specific references to the two-wheel transportation:D:


Rebecca Bowes - 2010

Baggers are an enhancement to the front and rear ends of motorcycles, such as a lowering kit, low and wide bags. The current trend now...A bike can either be originally built that way or enhanced.
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