What did they do before Powerpoint?

Wes Bucey

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By the 60s, I was using "slide projectors," "opaque projectors," and "overhead transparency projectors" and traveled with a luggage cart to haul whichever projector and a bulging case with slides or folders filled with charts or transparencies for the one chosen.

I remember being blown away by a device with a revolving Polaroid lens which gave a flickering look (moving arrows or the like) to a static slide.

Now, of course, I lust for a pico projector with laser. The whole thing can fit in a shirt pocket!

It is true, however, all the technology in the world can't make a bad presentation good.


Been out of town on business all week , but thank you Jim! I'm always reminded how bad presentations can be and good presentations are my passion. This past week I was at a conference and could not believe the amount of text on a given slide - it was blinding. If you're giving a presentation take the following suggestions:

  • Give the "so what?"
  • Don't read the slides
  • Know what you're talking about
  • Talk "naked." If you know what you're talking about, do you even need slides
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I used to use transparencies as well.

In a company I used to work for, back in the early 90's we had Quality teams (like Quality Circles). There was a State contest in Chihuahua city on which we participated presenting a project. Using rubber bands, paper clips and 3 persons sitting around the projector we were able to add "animations" to our presentation. The attendees were really surprised to see us doing that. It was fun! :lol:
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