What do the standards D1-9000 and AS9100 refer to?




Need to know very simply what do the standards D1-9000 and AS9100 refer to?


D1-9000A is the "Advanced Quality System for Boeing Suppliers. It is ISO 9002 plus Boeing unique quality requirements. SAE AS9100 is The International Aerospace Standard, Quality Systems Aerospace. AS9100 is ISO 9001:1994 plus Aerospace Industry requirements. AS9100A becomes effective Dec. 15, 2003, and is ISO9000:2000 plus International aerospace requirements. Boeing has moved to AS9100 from D1-9000A

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This question should have been placed in a different thread, but Hal, AS9100 Rev.A has been effective since 2001, and not Dec 15, 2003.

What becomes obsoleted on Dec. 15, 2003 is AS9100 A Section 2. After that date, only Section 1 remains.


ISO created confusion for people going from D19000a to AS9100. The original AS9100 is dated as issued 1999-11. AS9100 Rev. A is listed as superseding AS9100, and is listed as revised date 2001-08.
AS9100A contains the AS9100 1999-11 as section 2 and creates the confusion by not identifying AS9100A section 1 as the next revision. I do not know the reason for issuance in this manner.
However, we can use AS9100 (no Rev.) AKA AS9100A section 2 till Dec. 15 2003.
If Mr dubulak is now going to prepare a new quality system using AS9100A, the AS9100A Standard requires he prepare the system in accordance with Section 1.
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