What do you do for ISO 9001 clause 9.1? Key Performance Indicators



hi all

im interested in finding out what other firms do in their orgnisation to satisfy clause 9.1 - not 9.1.2 as im content with our efforts on customer feedback,

a bit of background. we have one main performance measure which is daily turnover. this is reported by the sales team on a daily basis. that is it other than management accounts which are published every month. other than that the quality depart recorded and monitors ncrs/audits as per the standards requirements.

i want to introduce a range of KPIs across the company, im thinking that at a minimum these KPIs should focus on the key processes that impact on customers such as

-deliveries on time - for the transport department

-% of machinery availability - to determine if our maintennance activity is good which will impact on lead times - for the maintenance department

- number of accidents - for the health and safety department

- number of new customers - for the marketing department

- % of converted quotes to orders - for the sales department

- customer satisfaction and ncrs for the quality department

my idea ifs that each department reports these to me each month and i then record them in a performance dashboard which is distributed around the company to all staff.

any thoughts on these and what do you do in your firms?




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any thoughts on these and what do you do in your firms?

The 9.1.1 requirements really start in 4.4.1 with the processes of the system. My approach is to first look at each process and define the inputs and outputs per 4.4.1a. Once the outputs of the process are defined then I look at how to measure the effectiveness of each process (4.4.1c) in providing the outputs to the customers of the process, which are outside customers or other processes. I prefer using turtle diagrams for this as it helps to define the rest of 4.4.1 (criteria, methods, resources, etc.) also. The performance indicators in 4.4.1c should tie in to the policy and objectives defined in 5.2 and 6.2. I just posted in (broken link removed) about my thoughts on this subject.

I agree with you that all of the process metrics should be reported regularly. This should be to top management (management review) and to other relevant stakeholders to let them know how well our processes are doing and to initiate actions to improve based on the results.

By the way, I try to make a distinction between processes and departments. While, for example, I may have a purchasing process and a purchasing department, I need to realize that people outside of the purchasing department may have roles in the purchasing process that are key to its success.


First of all, I dont know your position, but even if you are a Director
The KPis are defined by the responsible of the process and approved by the Director
you could suggest them, but it is not your responsibility nor the authority to define them.
Going to the principles it is Process responsibility.

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