What does "Corporate stewardship" mean?


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In ADP training, it mentioned: Corporate stewardship and leadership are the diving force behind an organizations QMS...

What is "Corporate stewardship" ?

I do find the term of Product stewardship from wikipedia.org, so I guess "Corporate stewardship" have some meanings instead of management.



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I haven't read about "corporate stewardship", but Wikipedia reference-linkStewardship is pretty clear. I know the word from "stewardship" of land.

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The term that has caught most traction and, is almost the same, is Corporate Social Responsibility, subject of ISO 26000.

You can also look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The macro issue at hand is Sustainability.


Hi, you can look up ISO 9001:2015 clause 5.1.1 for a list of "to dos" for top management to demonstrate leadership. Many refer to the QMS.

Stewardship is less specific. To start, pls check out what is included in typical sustainability indices (e.g., DJSI). For example, avoiding recalls and drug shortages due to quality issues is also good for society. Therefore, a responsible manager would naturally drive an effective QMS.
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