What does the 9000 mean?


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On 7/19/01 9:20 AM, Rob wrote:

> What does the 9000 in "QS-9000" stand for? I had an operator that
> wanted to know. I could not provide the answer and neither could our
> surveillance auditor. Thanks-in-advance.

It's from the 9000 in ISO 9000. As far as I know there is no specific reason for the numbering - it was just ISO's assignment. It's not like in an 8-D where you can say the '8' stands for the 8 steps. You might also note that there is now an AS 9000 and a TL 9000 and I think there's a few more. GM's old 'Targets for Excellence' had, or referenced, what were then called GPs (general procedure). They took what was not in QS 9000 and put the GPs into a series of documents which as a whole they call GM 9000.

As time goes on, anything with 9000 in the name is becoming associated with 'quality' or quality systems. One of the few exceptions is Valeo which has (last I hear) their Valeo 1000. They have had it for many years - pre-ISO I believe - it was (is?) their version of ISO 9000. The Valeo 1000 was a good document, in my opinion, but it was (is?) a tough one. Much like VDA 6, as I remember, which is more like ISO 9004.

Some of the others here may have a different understanding of this than I do - so let's see what the others have to say.

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Valeo also have 5000 which is even tougher.
We once had a Valeo audit and the auditors during the audit discovered that there plant did not get 5000. This did not have a good affect on our audit.
A good system or not Marc, they wanted tracability to each 25 kg. bag of plastic!!! thats right not to the lot but to each bag. We told them were they could get off.
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