What does the APQP manual mean by the term 'Periodic Requirements'




What does the APQP manual mean by the term "periodic requirements" which control plans must address, as stated on page 33, paragraph 3, second sentence?



My read on this is that it would apply to issues such as shelf life.

The sentence is states that the control plan assures quality.... "at each phase of the process including receiving, in-process, outgoing, and periodic requirements to asure that all process outputs will be in a state of control."

Any product, that deteriorates over time would need to be periodically tested, lot controlled, etc. to assure bad product does not ship to the customer.



Al Dyer

Also consider the following under periodic requirements:

-Controlled Shipping
-Pending corrective action requirements
-Customer request for special run
-Customer request for special layout or SPC
-Temporary design record changes
-We all know that every now and again the customer will call and request something and we scratch our heads going why? But do it anyhow.
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