What ever happened to ISO 9000-1,-2 etc



The foreword of ISO 9000:2000 says that it replaces ISO 8402 (Vocabulary); ISO 9001:2000 replaces all of the previous certifiable standards, ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003; ISO 9004:2000 replaces ISO 9004-1:1994.
So the question is :
Are ISO 900-1,ISO 9000-2, ISO 900-3 and ISO 9004-2 Still valid or obsolete ?

Jim Biz

IMHO Still "valid" unitl the mandatory transition to 9000:2000 guidelines kicks in on Dec 15th 2003.... From what I understand during that period companies can hold "valid" certificate to either/or during the transition period.


Dan Larsen

The new standard is universal. It allows companys to "write themselves out of" those requirements that don't apply. For example, if you don't design, then you simply state that you don't design and therefore the requirements of 7.3 do not apply. Keep in mind, though, that exclusions only apply to clauses contained in section 7 (Product Realization)

Aaron Lupo

You can still be registered to 9000:94 from 6 months after the release of 9K2K, IMHO if you are not ISO certified yet, I would would go for 9K2K. As far as when you have to comply with 9K2K is registrar dependent, some Registrars are saying we are giving you two years, and others are giving the full three years. If you are registered I would call you Registrar and see what they are doing.

Yes, you can write out the sections that do not apply, but remember as with 9000:94 you could decide that you didn't want to comply with design control, therefore you are ISO 9002. Now with ISO 9K2K if you do design you cannot exclude it from the scope of your registration. Even if you subcontract design out you still cannot exclude it, you have to comply with design control still. There will be no more certificates for 9001, 9002, 9003, all certificates will now be 9001:2000.

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Thanks all of you for the information. I think ISO should (or may I say SHALL ?) provide more information on the implementation and consecuences of this new revision on the whole scenario. It is also my opinion after reading the standard that the standard is still too manufaturing biased, I do not know why they are saying that is fully applicable to services, when it is completely different, for example of ISO 9002-2.

Thanks again
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