What Flowchart Software Do You Use for Procedures and other Documentation?

Which is the best flowchart software for QS/ISO documentation.

  • AllClear

    Votes: 1 2.0%
  • iGrafx Flowcharter

    Votes: 3 5.9%
  • ConceptDraw

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • SmartDraw

    Votes: 4 7.8%
  • Visio (MickeySoft)

    Votes: 36 70.6%
  • Drawing tools in Office

    Votes: 7 13.7%

  • Total voters

Jeff Ida

I am in the beginnings of a QS9000 implementation at a small manufacturing company and it seems that flowcharting will be the best way to document procedures, work instructions and such. I am trying to decide what software we should purchase. I have already excluded Visio as it is at the top of the price list, and it's an MSnot product. :frust:
The packages I am currently considering are Allclear, ConceptDraw, Smartdraw and iGrafx Flowcharter. I would greatly appreciate input from people who have used any of these products. I am looking for the best features and drawbacks (particularly the ones that you don't find until after purchasing). I am particularly interested in features which are relative to the QS/ISO docuymentation process.

Al Dyer

All Clear would be my choice, but from the tone of your post you might want to look into a product such as MPACT that will do flow charting as well as control the entire product development process.

I like MPACT and there are also other products on the market that will do basically the same thing, I favor them because of their service and pricing structure.:bigwave:


One I would stay away from is Powerway [edit] a source I have told me that Chrysler backed out of the deal and there may be no Powerway in the future. Also that Ford and G.M. want no part of an online service at this time.

Marc, I'm not sure if I am crossing the line here so edit as applicable. No response needed.:thedeal:


Fully vaccinated are you?
As long as you've used it, you can talk about it. But - If you're going to say 'Don't Buy' - please explain why.

I ask people not to simply leave it like you did - saying 'e-mail me and I'll tell you why they suck' in so many words. That's not fair, in my opinion.

If you don't like Powerway (now part of Chrysler) please explain why from experience or don't even mention them. :thedeal:


Hey Hey Hey

Why should price be a reason, other than being a MSnot program, for excluding Visio? There may be those, like me, who don't see their program of choice and can't can't cast their ballot!:eek: :biglaugh: :smokin:


Fully vaccinated are you?
Re: Hey Hey Hey

Originally posted by energy
Why should price be a reason, other than being a MSnot program, for excluding Visio? There may be those, like me, who don't see their program of choice and can't can't cast their ballot!:eek: :biglaugh: :smokin:
Tell me what program you want added to the poll and I'll add it so you can vote. Just for you... But - if you look at the original post, I think the idea was to get opinions on the 4 Jeff is considering. :thedeal:


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Originally posted by Sporty
I'm with you Energy.....I vote for Visio.:)
An explaination why would be nice!

One other thought - have either of you used SmartDraw or any of the others? For example, SmartDraw will do everything Visio will do (including integration into MS Office) and is cheaper. Do you choose the most expensive product over features?

To finish off, MicroSoft is moving to the 'rental' model which these others are not doing - so, every year you'll have to pay for Visio or - they'll turn it off. :thedeal:


You got it.

Nothing like cutting to the chase. :p You're right there. I have used only Excel and Word before Visio. So, I'm easily impressed. But, I think that most voters would not have used all the choices either. You old timers, like Al D and you:vfunny: have a better shot at comparing. What you will see is the applause for the most popular. It would be interesting to ask all the voters the same thing? :rolleyes: :smokin:

Looking back at the original post, I see said the blind man!:agree: :smokin:
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I've used a bunch of flow chart programs. I usually just use powerpoint for what I do now - it's simple and all the office packages have it. Since I'm just doing examples - rather than actually doing systems per se, it's all I need. I think PowerPoint has become a curse on the world, though. But' that's another topic.

I've used Micrografx and SmartDraw most in the peecee world. I have two others flow chart programs on my PeeCee but can't remember their names - from working with clients some years back. To me Micrografx is a good program. The advantage I see to SmartDraw is they have collections of 'stuff', it all integrates with Office, and I've seen a client do one heck of an intranet system with it. Their company is a mix of MS stuff from Windows 95 to Windows 2000 - the same with the office programs - a mix of old and new. The IS guy gives people what they need and has it laid out very well - it all works. He stayed away from Visio because of price. It's a small company - maybe 130 people total. The IS guy is pretty darn good, actually.


I have not used the other programs mentioned, and my choice is not based on price, but on how easy it is to use and attach files to my procedures.
I was just expressing my opinion, and certainly didn't expect the reaction I got!
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