What form or format does the quality plan and/or R&M take?

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Posted by mibusha at the APQP and PPAP Forum .
Can any one help?
We design and build welding assemblies, hemmer assemblies and fastening
systems. As a TE supplier we are registering to ISO 9001 TE with a
pre-assessment in January,99.

We have been doing Control Plans and FMEAs (actually catching up on them with
a combination of workshops and classes).

I know we have to have a quality plan and we have to design in R&M. Basically I
am using pages 2-2 through 2-5 in the R&M Guidelines (SAE).

My question is: What form or format does the quality plan and/or R&M take? Do
all five stages appear on a Gantt chart? Must I document, for example, LCC
calculations? Or should I write the procedure (our quality plan and/or R&M)in text
form and note each document as it is mentioned in the text? We do most of the
TE requirements but have not done a good job of documenting them.

As you can see I could use some advice on this. Any help would be appreciated.



Fully vaccinated are you?
My experience with Quality Plans ranges from product specific plans to general design & development plans. In the ISO and QS world a 'quality plan' can be a series of systems, if you will. That is to say I don't always see a specific written 'quality plan' per se.

In QS it is your APQP system and related events. Yup - Design and Process FMEAs, control plans, flow diagrams, design reviews, verification, validation - all these together form your 'quality plan' in adduition to other things you do (eg: Quality Function Deployment, customer surveys, how nonconforming product is handled [yes - production features may be a part] etc.).

As long as you can show equivalances in your systems to the 'phases', you should be in gear.

I can't speak to the R&M issue.
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