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What happened to Firefox?

Color me slightly confused. I no longer know how to determine which version I have now that I manually updated from 28 to 29 (apparently, even though I was set to auto update, it didn't.)Found it! a little "?" at the bottom of the menu - I guess I needed the word "Help"

As I age, my learning curve seems to get steeper and steeper.

It does, however, seem to run a lot faster and it definitely uses less RAM than the previous version.

What is the deal with "Lightbeam?"
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The only thing that I don't like about it is that the menu bar is above the tabs and there's nothing you can do about it.
Except turning it off, which I did long ago. It turns out that I rarely need it. See the attached screenshot.

What is the deal with "Lightbeam?"
It provides you with a graphic display of the third party sites involved at any site you visit. I tried it for a while, but it gave me no information I did not already have, so I chucked it out.



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I did the upgrade on my main Mac. I think I'll leave the old version on my other iMac and PC.

I can't say it's a big deal - Mainly because I use Chrome for some things, Safari for others, and I also use Opera and even Camino from time to time. Firefox is my "main" browser but I run that "locked down" with NoScript and Ghostery. I only visit Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook with Chrome. Almost nothing else. I use Safari when I load a page in Firefox that has a bunch of stuff that NoScript and Ghostery block (notably embedded videos).

My only complaint on the Mac version of Firefox that I don't like is they have a very, very small line between tabs which makes it harder to distinguish where the tab starts and ends. But, since the tabs are essentially icons with a brief text following I just aim for the icon.

All in all it's just another UI change to get used to. I'm sure there are some "significant under the hood" changes, but few people care about that aspect.

As to speed - Well, many times it depends upon the site you're visiting anyway. I haven't noticed any significant speed change - But then I just installed it the morning so I can't really say. Not to mention I have nothing installed to measure page load speed on each page I go to, and not to mention there are sites with simple, fast loading pages while many (especially these days) are graphics heavy.

Oh - And your ISP connection. I have 50 down and 5 up so I have a "decent" connection (Time Warner) going out to my ISP, at least.

A good read:


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The only thing that I don't like about it is that the menu bar is above the tabs and there's nothing you can do about it. This has been the default in the past, but now there's no option.
Tree style tabs extension removes the tabs from the top and puts them on the side, where they belong and should have been all along since Mosaic. :)

Tara Monson

I'm a totally Google Chrome girl. Firefox is a close 2nd. I cringe when I see people using IE. Just my personal preference. :)
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