What Has The Elsmar Cove Done For You??


Jason PCSwitches

[FONT=&quot]For my 100th post (yeah) I thought I would celebrate by expressing my gratitude to all those involved with the Cove for the wonderful wealth of knowledge and insight that this site makes available to everyone, especially rookies like me.

This site has been one of my main sources of information and has helped me tremendously. Because of the contributions and resources available at the Cove I have been able to accomplish great leaps in my professional career in a very short amount of time.

Kudos to Mark for making it happen and to all those who contribute. :applause:

Now, how has this site helped you??[/FONT]
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George Weiss

What the Cove has done for me:
I have found the Cove to be a slice of life, in that it is not what I want some times, but has it’s advantages in moderation.
  1. I have been allowed to access people whom I would otherwise not met due to the limited circles I travel.
  2. I have been allowed a fly-on-the-wall view to other people’s very candid beliefs and opinions, along with some very accurate directions to good information.
  3. In a world of many solitary good people, it is a place where some of them along with the rest of the socially effective mingle effectively on a focused technical subject of interest.
  4. I learned to post comments with smiley faces!
This is anonymous post right? :lmao: :sarcasm: :cool:



Wow..Its a great forum to get the access of various experts through out the globe... Great forum of learning... Even for the things what we think that we know already, the opinion of others makes us to think from a different point of view...

Great thanks to MArc


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If you look at Maslow's hierarchy of needs triangle, the cove has to a great extent met my Esteem needs.
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Martin IT

I'm really glad to be part of this very usefull forum.

A part the enormous quantity of professional information that I have found here, I appreciate the opportunity to share my opinion with people came from the whole world (with different cultural and different way of approach at the problems).

To be brief, I do think the Cove is a place where you can grow from a professional point view and at the same time you can grow from a personal/cultural point of view!

So, thanks to all the people that daily spend a bit of his own time to help the other members!


For me, I value the frank and unbiased advice , and the diversity of different approaches to a discussion topic.

Its great to be able to dip into the collective wisdom across the 'net.

I usually have a look every working day, even if I don't contribute (sometimes others have said pretty much what I would write).

Also, very useful to use the search function - most (not all) topics have usually been discussed at some point - so this search aspect can be a great source of information.

Long may it continue.


Being new to Quality, my googling of quality information brings me to this wonderful site where I hear people sharing of experiences and knowledge. I learn a lot from these knowledge sharing that it is helping with a better understanding of different aspects of qality. I immediately register and hope to be part of the team and be able to contribute as I move along the quality track.

I have been hanging out here "for a while" now (since before 2000 when I became a member), and in internet terms that is practically forever. Yet, I still learn something new every time I visit the Cove, and of course that has been immensly useful to me.

I also believe that I have been able to help others, both on and off the Cove during those years, and that provides even more learning: Learning by helping others.

I have also made many good friends here. Friends I would otherwise not have met. Sometimes when I have been having a particularly hard time I have been able to vent a bit here, gotten some sorely needed support, and then been able to go back to real life and sort things out.

All in all, the Cove feels like a society in its own right. :agree1:

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