What if I want to integrate Policy of QMS, EMS and OHS-MS



Dear friends,
My company certified ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Unfortunately, those three system are separated completely with three groups of working teams. Also, those were not well constructed at the first time.
Being wasted so much, we decided to restructure and integrate the system.
We 'd like to start from Policy. My questions today are:
1. When we need to combine into single company policy, what will the policy look like in order to serve all requirement of 3 standards?
I imagine that the policy will have long details to cover all SHALL.

2. What about Objectives, since there will be Q. Objective, EMS ojbective and target, and then OHSAS objective and target? Can I just put all current objectives together in one document?

All comment are welcome.

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Your integrated policy only needs to contain the minimum requirments stipulated in the specific standards you cited. It can be as long or as short as you desire.

You can partially or totally integrate any and all of your documents as much as you desire. There are no deadfast rules governing this. Do what you want.

Don't let anybody try to confuse you. Remember...All you need to do is the minimum required by each standard. How you chose to do it is tatally and completely your business.
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