What if you lose your registration due to non-conformance?


Carl Keller

This is hypothetical, but....I know if you are currently registered to ISO 9001 1994 you have a transition period to change to the new revision, but what if you lost your registration due to non-conformance to the 1994 revision? Would you then have to meet the new revision? It is my understanding that many registrars are not issuing new 1994 revision certificates. The company I just left due to lack of quality initiative may soon be in just such a situation.

Thanks in advance!

David Mullins

Some folks are still getting 1994 registration, however I think (?) the line has been drawn at December 2001 for that. Existing 1994 registrations have until December 2003.

I would expect most registrars to push the line of avoiding 1994 and going straight to 2000 - particularly if the company involved already demonstrated substantial noncompliance (sorry, this last part is probably applying way too much in the way of morals and conscience to be reality - any registrar will be happy to take their $).

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