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What if your root cause analysis is -- they just didn't do it?"


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If you have a situation where a non-conformance is issued and the real root cause is "they just didn't do it" what do you write? Training issue? Insufficient resources? (that would just lead to another non-conformance).


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What is the real reason the employee "...just didn't do it..."?
  • Didn't want to? (Lazyness or in spite)
  • Forgot?
If you ask the employee why s/he didn't follow an established process, what answer does the employee give?

And :
  • Is it only this specific employee?
  • Is this a repetitive problem or a "one time" occurance?
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Exactly. Did they forget, got distracted? Is the work area disorganized? Did they come back from break and think they had already done it? Is it too difficult? Do they not understand why they need to do it? etc.?
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