What Is 8-D Problem Solving for Nonconformance and Corrective Actions?


lito martinez

What Is An 8-D?

I just wanted to what an 8D means, i'm sorry because this term is not familiar to me since we are just a new establisghed company.

Jim Biz

Would suggest you Take a read through this: https://Elsmar.com/8D/

Marc has been kind enough to include for everyone a very clear overview of 8D.


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8D is a Problem solving methodology. It Stands for 8 Disciplined Problem solving. This consists of
1. Forming a Team 2. Describe the problem. 3. Implement a containment action -- This is what type of "band-aid" will you use to ensure good parts are being shipped (sorting additional inspection etc). 4. Define and Verify the root cause of the problem. Dig deep to find it 5. Put together a corrective action plan (What are you going to do to fix the problem?) 6. Implement the action to correct the problem. 7. Look for mistake proofing measures to prevent the reoccurance of the problem and then 8. Congratulate Team.
That is the 8D Problem solving process. I hope this answers the question.


Different customers may require that you use different formats for problem solving. There is an 8D, 5P, 7S... they all are pretty much the same concept, just with different names.
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