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What is a Layered Process Audit (LPA)?


Starting to get Involved
What Is Layered Process Audits !!
Realized This Requirements In 2005 Dc Cust. Spec. Reqt.
Suzuki Is Also Asking For The Same.
Top Management Is Expected To Perform This Audit Also.
Any Dc Guys On The Forum !! Guide Us Please.

Cari Spears

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You are correct - LAYERED process auditing is something specific - not just regular old process auditing. I don't know much about it - I'm not in the automotive industry anymore.

Did you look at the other threads? There are 5 or 6 right at the bottom of this screen.


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layered audits

I don't know about Chrysler or Suzuki, but GM has a program called layered
audits. The gist is as follows:

* Shop floor people (operators and/or supervisors) audit process details, daily or weekly
* Next level of management audits the audits, weekly or monthly
*Top management audits the middle management, monthly or quarterly

There are some differences from traditional audits here:

1) These audits may not be independent. The idea is to have people auditing
their own areas, and then have their bosses audit them.

2) Expectation is that there will be a detailed audit checksheet, with
very specific criteria. E.G. the injection molding dept will audit the barrel temps and pressures against the setup sheet for each machine once a day

If this sounds like the right program, I may be able to dig up a training
presentation on it. (It's part of what GM calls Quality System Basics).

best of luck

Brad Pritts

Bob Ablondi

joherjerwalla said:
Thanks ! But what is "layered".
See Chrysler's Customer Specifics dated February 2005 on the IAOB web site.
The perform a return on investment for the cost of the specified Powerway Software, the manhours to do what it sez.

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Captain Nice
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Bob, you sent this to me last week: Layered Process Audits

Organizations supplying production parts or components to DaimlerChrysler shall conduct Layered Process Control Audits on all manufacturing and assembly lines that produce production parts or components for DaimlerChrysler. These shall include all error-proofing operations.

Organizations shall provide evidence of compliance to the following requirements:

• Audit process shall involve multiple levels of management, from line supervisor up to top

• Top management at plant shall conduct process control audits at least once per week. Delegation of this activity will not be accepted with the exception of extenuating

• The organization shall have a documented audit structure with auditor level and frequency of inspection.

• Process control audits shall be conducted at least once per shift for build techniques and craftsmanship related processes.

• Error Proofing Audits shall be conducted at least once per day.

• Compliance charts shall be completed once per quarter and maintained for the life of the program. The following metrics should be included:
o audit completion by all auditing layers
o By-Item percentage conformance by area

• Reaction plans shall be in place to immediately resolve all non-conformances.

• The organization shall show evidence of immediate corrective action, containment (as required), and root cause analysis (as required).

• Communication Procedure is required to address reoccurring non-conformances. Specific areas of focus shall include the following:
o Resolution of non-conformances
o Escalation of issue for management review
o Lessons learned
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