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What is a Layered Process Audit (LPA)?


Don Wood - 2011

GM's internal requirement (at least in Powertrain) is very similar to D-Cs CSR, and I'd be very surprised if GM dosen't extend this to their supply base in the not too distant future. Used wisely it can be an effective program, of course it can also be a supreme waste of time if not.


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Take on Layered Audits and Effectiveness

One of my Quality Leaders has said the following about layered audits.

If your layered audits are always compliant 100% the audit is doing you no good anymore. It's time to re-evaluate your process and 'up the bar' on the requirements. (Line Side Reviews help give new challenges to the Layered Audit Process)

The audit will act as a bit of a reminder for a while as well as an auditing tool, until all requirements are met consistently.

Some items will probably always be on the layered audit checklist.

Example: Always telling your kid to clean up their room. After months of auditing (nagging) their room is always clean. Next start telling your kid to line up their socks and underwear in the drawers.




Hi guys.

GM does require layered audits in their Quality System Basics (QSB). However they seem to be enforcing this requirement along with the rest of the QSB with problem suppliers such as CS1 or CS2. They expect all suppliers to utilize the principals of QSB.

We are having a 2 day QSB workshop in a few weeks so maybe later I can post what we are doing for layered audits.



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Hi Brad
I was reading your comments on the Layered audits, I need to implement these into our Company as per GM :frust: . I would appreciate any info on your training presentation. :truce:


Dear everybody,
So glad to meet all of you here .I am from a company in china .I just want to know what is a cqi-8 layered process audit guideline ? Pls kindly advise.
thanks and best regards.


Super Moderator
Hi Amy,

Since you are new here, let me guide you on how to use the search function. It is located along the blue bar below your log-in area.

When you click it, a box will appear. Just type cqi 8 and it will guide and bring you along the next few steps. There are some 12 threads which should contain more than what you want.



Hi everyone, I'm new here. Attached pls find our complany LPA structure, can anyone tell me whether it meets GM requirements or not?



Lilyshen - 2011

No. it is not LPA. LPA should be implemented by leader/supervisor/manager. and the frequency is different.
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