What Is A Machinery FMEA (MFMEA)? SAE J1739, Section 5.


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When I ordered standards from ***DEAD LINK REMOVED*** (link was techstreet dot com), it said that Process FMEA was replaced by this new document I have in front of me, POTENTIAL Failure Mode and Effects Analysis For Tooling & Equipment (Machinery FMEA)

The first page of this document says The content of this document is the technical equivalent of SAE J1739, Section 5. Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for Tooling & Equipment should be used by suppliers to companies subscribing to QS-9000 Tooling & Equipment Supplement, or Equivalent Document.

Our customer is asking us to use Potential Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). I cannot find this document specifically. DFMEA, P(rocess)FMEA, this MFMEA I have... I'm confused.

What are they asking for, and what is most current?
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First of all, the PFMEA has not been "replaced" by anything.

Are you designing a machine or piece of equipment? If so, you may need a DFMEA for your customer (if they require it). Typically, I cover all aspects of the machinery in my PFMEAs (Failure Cause column).

Don't know if that helps you, but if you aren't product design responsible, the only FMEA you should need for your customer is the PFMEA.

The AIAG FMEA manual (3rd ed.) is a pretty good source for completing both P & D FMEAs.

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What is a machinery FMEA

4 what it's worth. The machinery FMEA covers all aspects of the piece of machinery or equipment as they relate to the customer's use. So aspects of design that might lead to failure, aspects of manufacture that might lead to failure and aspects of installation that might cause the machine to fail.

The main difference in severity is that MFMEA considers the impact of reliability and maintainability as well as any safety implications.


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should I get SAE J1739?

I'm confused on these documents. We're a screw machine parts shop making parts for Tier 1.

we do APQP, MSA, SPC, FMEA, and PPAP.

(M)FMEA is the wrong document for us, this I'm sure.

I have an old (P)FMEA supplied by a customer three years ago, it's a copy and falling apart. I'd like the latest revision of the FMEA document most (or properly) suited to our manufacturing.

another question I have. My understanding is, I'm doing a potential failure modes and effects analysis for cutting parts out of stock on a screw machine.

This is confusing because the document is aimed at systems of a whole, which has sub-systems and components. I am making one component of a sub-system of a hydraulic filtration system. I am not design responsible for any of it, and we don't know what the parts we're making actually go into. What they do is a matter of looking at the piece and making an educated guess.

What I'm getting at is: do I need to know any of this, or is my potential failure mode and effects study an analysis of what could make these parts out of spec during a run?

Which document do I want to use as a reference and standard? SAE J1739 seems like it covers all of them. Maybe I should call the customer for details, or will I sound incompetent?



One important question here. You say you are not design responsible. Let me ask you: Did you get a DFMEA from your customer.

If not (and I never do) you are only resposible for the PFMEA from the standpoint of what can go wrong in your process. Part of which needs to adress how that may adversly affect the customer and/or end use of the product.

Hope this helps.


FMEA Third Edition

Sorry forgot to give a little direction here.

You need to look at the FMEA Manual Third Edition starting wiht page 33.
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