What is Andon and how do you implement Andon?


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huh. Didn't even know there was a special name for that.
Most places I've worked has had something like this installed - from flashing lights on the machines to electric signboards on the wall.


Andon means ‘Sign’ or ‘Signal’. It is a a visual aid which alerts and highlights where action is required. Think, for example, a flashing light in a manufacturing plant that indicates the line has been stopped by one of the operators due to some irregularity.


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Andon = A process for Stop and Fix. It can be implemented in various ways. You can have a visual/audible signal which someone can trigger when they detect a problem during the process. Then a supervisor/line lead can approach to solve the problem, if he/she fails to solve the problem, then it can be escalated to management via defined escalation process. The idea of Andon is to address manufacturing issues right then and there so that you don't keep on making bad parts.
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Andon is a kind of visual management, which is used to address informaton deficit and provides an immediate and real-time understanding of what the situation is. In my current company, there are several colors for Andon
(1) When material needs to replenished
(2) When machine breaks down
(3) When a quality issue occurs

Different color indicates different scenarios. What is important is that when Andon is on, which means abnormal conditions, actions must be put in place to bring the abnormal suitation back to normal situation, othewise, you just creates more waste, which is useless.

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