What is ISO9004? Is it of value? Should it be used?


M Greenaway

We have heard a lot about the fact that we focus on ISO9001 in this forum when there is a much bigger picture painted in ISO9004. Much has been claimed on the wonders of this document, just thought it might be of interest to read the following description from ISO themselves (hereafter referred to as the horses mouth).

"Together, the five sections of ISO 9001:2000 define what you should do consistently to provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory or regulatory requirements. In addition, you will seek to enhance customer satisfaction by improving your quality management system.

ISO 9004:2000 is used to extend the benefits obtained from ISO 9001:2000 to all parties that are interested in or affected by your business operations. Interested parties include your employees, owners, suppliers and society in general. "

Seems to me that ISO9004 doesnt profess to be 'better' than ISO9001 - just has a wider scope, or so says the horses mouth.

Anyone care to comment (so long as they are not a horses arse
:vfunny: ) ?


Fully vaccinated are you?
OK - A bit down the pike, but I'll say ISO 9004 "Quality Management Systems - Guidelines for performance Improvement" gives good advice with some specifics. The words I don't like are 'Extends Benefits'. It's good 'advice', but how far does one want to take ISO. I keep thinking this is stuff that should part of the curriculum at any business school.
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