What is the best format for an Intranet Quality Manual?



intranet manual

I have been asked to convert our existing QS manual into a format that would be suitable to run on our intranet for a medium sized manufacturing plant.

I have looked at a couple of different options such as HTML, access database, and pdf files and am not sure which way to go.

If anyone has any information, advice or words of wisdom on the topic it would be greatly appreciated. I was wondering what has worked for others? Is there software we should look at buying that does this. I don't want to start converting files until I am certain what to do.

Sebastian Santa

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At my company. our systems guys have made a web page for only our intranet. There are links to both my ISO 16949 and 14001 manuals they are both in "WORD" everyone has read writes to them but only I have read/write rights.

We also have the same situation with FMEA's "EXCEL", control plans "EXCEL", APQP info "EXCEL", blueprints "HELIX" etc, etc...

Works great and makes 4.5 a breeze.

Andy Bassett

Words of wisdom on this subject? Absolutely. Use only the format that everyone else has, normally Word or Excel, even if its is a little low-tech or not as sexy as HTML.

It is vital that the documents can be changed quickly and easily by pretty much anyone, the system will die if it cannot be changed becuase one key person is on holiday, left the company or ill.

Andy B

Andy Bassett

Sebastian - I have now set up 4 QMS Intranets for different companies, i know nothing about the software behind them, but i generally know what i am trying to acheive, and i beleive that in most companies investment in a QMS is lost unless it can be taken to the maximum amount of perosnnel, and the best way to do this is with a Intranet nomally.

I could try to E mail use some front pages if you like.


Andy B

barb butrym

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HTML is sexy? Hmmmmm I must be missing something

Is that an irish thing?

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Hey, this reply is to my own post, but It has been a week since I posted my problem and I have spend many hours developing a useful HTML template to use that works great.

I finally found a way to set page breaks, something that HTML usually does not. This is very useful for an intranet manual when printing is required. I did this using style sheets. I also worte a simple javascript to store variables for each HTML file such as such as title of document/procedure, revision number, Revision Date etc. So when these variables are changed, they change throughout the document (saves a lot of time and avoids mistakes).
If you are looking at setting up an intranet manual and would like to try out these templates to see if they would work for you or if you have any questions send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Hope this can help anyone who is looking at HTML but having problems... Thanks for all the advice!

Sebastian Santa
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