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What is the conversion for PPM defects vs. Sigma Equivalents?

Bev D

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Re: Thank you all.

Hello Tm Folkerts, D.Scott, Totumfrog,

Can you please post the Z table which you have used in the above explanation?

a simple internet search for "z table" will yield hundreds of links to this common statistical table along with explanations on how to use them. (they will not have the dreaded and debunked 1.5 sigma shift)
any good statstics book will also have this table...
additionally the excel formula was posted in a thread on this page and there are several spreadsheets attached that provide this table electronically for you to download...
Re: Thank you all.

Hello Bev,

Thanks for the tips. Actually I have many z tables, unfortunately all of them ends with z 3. I was looking for a complete z table. OK, just I downloaded a z table upto z 6.2. Pls check

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