What is the first step in doing PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment)?


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Hi everyone,
A pleasant rainy day here in the Philippines.
I am new to this concept.
What is the first step in doing PIA?
I dunno where to start? I am zero knowledge in this area.
Please enlighten me.
Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards,
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Responding simply because it is sitting here with no answers.

I had not ever heard of a Privacy Impact Assessment until I read your post. (Though I am quite familiar with other types of PIA's :notme:)

I note that there is a free whitepaper available which may be a first step...it seems to reference a six step process and give some best practices in the description.
Find it on trustarc.com

https:// info.trustarc.com/ in a Google search for "Privacy Impact Assessment"...it shows as an ad, so take it for what it's worth.



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Hi Ninja and Mihzago,
Thank you for sharing the link for the privacy impact assessment (i think this is the same with data protection impact assessment for gdpr)
The document on PIA code of Practice has a resemblance on our PIA here in the Philippines.
I think i just need to adjust some of it to fit our requirements.
Thanks again.
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