What is the shelf life of injection molded plastic parts?

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how long is the plastic injection parts shelf life?
It depends on a number of factors, including storage conditions, type of plastic and part geometry, for example. Some plastics are designed to degrade relatively quickly when exposed to heat and light, and others may last thousands of years in landfills before significantly degrading. Generally speaking, though, the shelf life of most types of thermoplastic parts is considered indefinite, especially for the types of resins most often used in manufacturing, such as ABS, Nylon and Delrin.

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Shelf life is almost indefinite for most plastics, when stored properly (no light, limited temperature and humidity fluctuations, no stress).

You have to ask yourself, why would you want to keep parts for a long time. Your company has money tighted in up keeping the parts for a long time (material, wages, machine time, storage). Do not forget the economic side of the equation.

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