What is your expenses for external calibration per year?


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QUESTION? or maybe a poll. For those in manufacturing with employees in the range of 250 - 500. What is your expenses for external calibration per year.
less than 5000
20001 +

Appreciate any info.
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External Calibration Cost

I checked with our Calibration Tech.
3 yrs ago (appx 320 emp.) we had all calibration work done externally and he believes the average cost was approx $16,000. We then converted to a self performed calibration system, where bulk is done in-house and only scales (various size & for large weights) and master gauges that are done by outside folks. We are now at 100+ employees, but equipment calibration load hasn't changed and the annual external vendor costs are <$4,000


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We have approximately 450 employees and send out about 20% of our total calibration inventory to a calibration vendor. Our external calibration costs would probably fall in the 10000-20000 range.


We are a 250 employee manufacturing operation with external calibration cost of $30k. We are in the process of interalizing the process for 95% of gages which will drop total calibration cost to $6k.
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What's missing from this thread is some connection between number of employees and gages being used, level of technology, etc. Not trying to be an :ca: as I sometimes am, but I'm not seeing anything to correlate the numbers cited to anything. :thedeal:


Good point Marc.

Our cost is made up mostly in calibration and maintenance contracts (can't get one without the other) for our high tech vision equipment. A small portion (5 - 10 %) is for our reference standards. All gage calibration is done in house against these standards.

There are probably a lot more anomolies, but you probably get the idea.



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We currently have approximately 700 individual items that are on an active calibration schedule. The majority of these are dimensional, pressure, or temperature. These types we perform in house as much as possible. We also have some items that deal with mass/force or with electronics. Some of these we are able to calibrate in house, but the majority are sent to an outside vendor along with our reference standards. So, sending out approximately 150 items puts us in the $10k to $20k range. (Closer to the $10k side)
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