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What is your typical attendance of ASQ program meetings?

How many ASQ Program meetings do you attend?

  • I don’t attend ASQ Program meeting at all.

    Votes: 14 53.8%
  • Attend about >25% and up to 50% of the meetings/year

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • Attend >50%,<75% of the meetings/Year

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • I attend all Program meetings.

    Votes: 3 11.5%

  • Total voters

Steve Prevette

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I made a homemade red bead kit out of some leftover thin veneer wood (cut two pieces to a paddle shape, drill 50 holes in one, and then glue the other piece to the back. The beads cost me $20 at a craft store. And I stole a bread-loaf piece of tupperware from my wife. Since then, I "inherited" a commercial $400 kit from another Hanford contractor.

The Red Bead script I use is here someplace at the Cove (in fact, it was a request from Wes to post the script that initially got me to the Cove). As far as copyright/trademark goes, always acknowledge that it is Dr. Deming who developed and used the experiment. If you want to go straight to the source, see The New Economics.

M Secules

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Our section gets about 10% attendance. Got any good ideas on how to increase interest?:bigwave:


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Wes Bucey said:
When I was much younger and still had children living at home, family events always came first.
Wes is right here, especially for myself. In my previous life (bc-before children), I would attend about 50%, and I learned a lot! I really don't see myself ever going again, as it will be number of years before I have an empty nest. Then I retire!!!!
M Secules said:
Our section gets about 10% attendance. Got any good ideas on how to increase interest?:bigwave:
I guess a lot depends on geographic dispersal of members and sheer number of members.

I belong to two sections, one about 800 members and the other about 2,500 members (down from ~3,000.) Each section has great programs (a pre-dinner mini presentation and a post-dinner main presentation.) The presenters are more than competent in presenting their material. The price of dinner is reasonable, the food is good, out-of-work members get subsidized dinners. One Section gives new members their first dinner free!

That said, the smaller Section often achieves 10% or greater attendance. I can't recall the larger Section ever having more than about 150 (including guests) at any event. The problem is primarily logistical in that large segments of the membership are unable to get from work to meeting during the evening traffic gridlock (a three hour "rush hour.")

On a smaller scale, the geography and traffic logistics apply to the smaller Section, even though its ostensible territory is only about 1/3 of the larger.

Educational programs and study groups at both Sections are excellent and well-attended by motivated students.

One thing I would consider is what percentage of the membership attend ANY meeting during the year versus considering "regulars" who show up at most meetings. So, one metric I would look at is "who has NEVER attended a meeting." There are bound to be a variety of reasons, but knowing the reasons can help determine whether there is anything the Section can do to bring such members out of the shadows to attend one or more meetings each year. Perhaps it may be as simple as adding one or two weekend meetings instead of having meetings exclusively on weekday evenings. Such a special meeting must, indeed, be SPECIAL in terms of venue, food, program, and well publicized at least two months in advance so members may arrange their schedules to attend.
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Wes Bucey said:
I guess a lot depends on geographic dispersal of members...
This is probably a huge factor. My local section of ASQ (I'm not a member - yet) covers a huge area of the state, but they mix up the meeting locations so people can at least make the ones that are a short drive from them.

However, my “local” SWE section covers all Eastern NC, yet all the meetings are held at the very westernmost spot in the section at 6:00 no less. For me, it would be a two hour drive to make a meeting. Some people in the region might have a 4-5 hour drive. I’m lucky in that I could crash at my boyfriend’s place (right down the road from where meetings are held) but it would still mean getting in to work early so I could leave early to make the meetings. I haven’t made a meeting yet :(


Dinner Attendance

I belong to the Toledo, Oh Chapter and consider myself very active. Also was a past member of the Columbus ASQC Section (aging myself aren't I)

I find that when the program is basic - quality tools, etc, info for new members the attendance increases. Lean/Six Sigma brings all the regulars. Our Sept. meeting with Quality Tools brought 63 here. We have approx. 600 members.

In Columbus the highest attended meeting was when the speaker was from Victoria's Secret Catalogue. Hmm.....

I really like the idea of footing the bill for unemployed members and plan on pitching that here in Toledo.

I am also a member of the Findlay OH Section and have yet to hear from them. What's up with that? So they have no newsletters, website and unsure as to the meeting.



Well, that got me to thinking about the sections I have belonged to over the years.
Mansfield, O first joined 1967
Toledo, O
Marion/Muncie, IN
Lansing/Jackson 1981-85
Akron/Canton Section 85-94
Marietta,O/Parkersburg WV,94-99
Florence, SC 99-present

Usually I think trunout was about 20%


Not out of the crisis
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I'm in the North Jersey Section and I have yet to make a meeting.
The reason is because the meetings are always on Wed nights and my wife has church choir practice on Wed nights so I have the kids.
Her religion trumps mine, I guess. ;)

I do try to make the Spring conference every year though.
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