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What is your typical attendance of ASQ program meetings?

How many ASQ Program meetings do you attend?

  • I don’t attend ASQ Program meeting at all.

    Votes: 14 53.8%
  • Attend about >25% and up to 50% of the meetings/year

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • Attend >50%,<75% of the meetings/Year

    Votes: 4 15.4%
  • I attend all Program meetings.

    Votes: 3 11.5%

  • Total voters

Duke Okes

I attend meetings if in town. Probably average 50% or so, although much less the last two years due to extensive travel.

Attendance is about 25 of 350 members.

I personally attend to: 1) networks with colleagues, 2) learn, 3) get RUs
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Geoff Withnell

I thinkmy current section Washington DC/Metro Maryland, has a good idea on programs. We have, last I looked, about 800 members, which puts us at a medium large size section. Our general meeting attendence hovers at around 30 each month, which sems to be par or a little low. However, we have an ISO Users Group, a SoftWare Quality SIG and a Six sigma SIG which all also meet monthly, and average around thirty or so attendees, with very little overlap. SO we have physical contact with about 15% of the members in a given month and probably quite a larger percentage at least once a year. Since all four meetings are at different locations and different days, we have something for everyone.

Geoff Withnell

Sidney Vianna

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Staff member
I will be speaking tonight at the Orange County (CA) ASQ dinner meeting, and tomorrow I will speak to the Los Angeles ASQ Chapter. Last night the programs chair for the OC Chapter let me know that 96 people had pre-registered for the event. With walk-ins, we should have around 110 joining us for the dinner meeting tonight.

The LA chapter attendance is always smaller. Tomorrow night there should be between 40-50 people attending.

My presentation will be on the proposed changes to ISO 9001, 9004 and AS9100.
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