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What kind of information needs to be in a calibration record?


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I have several machines in my shop that need to be calibrated, and I want to create the simplest possible log file for that calibration. Other than the date, name of the employee and a reference to the process followed, what else should I add to the log?
As a general note:
post calibration measurement
What device(s) did you use to calibrate the device. In other words, was the device used to calibrate traceable to a national/international standard

These may or may not specifically apply to you, but I cannot think of a calibration were these would not be required (but they may exist).
What's the difference between the two?
Calibrated is when is sent to be adjusted in the calibration shop, verified is when measurements obtained are compared
Against some references (gauges) without the need to send instruments to the calibration shop for verification.
The verification Is an activity to be sure Instruments at still able to give the right measurements.
What's the difference between the two?
I think there is a reduced set of conditions that have to be met for verification vs. calibration.

One thing I have seen are 'records' stating that 'calibration' occurred, yet the records did not indicate environment at time of the event, or standards used, or their calibration status. Standards such as ISO 17025 requires a controlled environment, among other things. I didn't find those to be effective records, then.

At another shop, they have a list that gets signed where they check a gage pin before taking it from the bin with the available calibrated micrometer. They sign the pin was verified before use.

Calibration can be done in house, but like everything else, the operator must be qualified, the correct tools must be available and fit for function, and the procedure must be established and appropriate.
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