What kind of Objective Evidence - AS9100 Cl. 7.1.6 - Organizational Knowledge


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Hello All...I haven't posted or been to the Cove in a long time.:eek:

Anyway...my question:

With regard to AS9100 Standard Rev D what kind of objective evidence could be considered in a surveillance of the requirement 7.1.6 Organizational Knowledge…???


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Re: What kind of Objective Evidence - 7.1.6 - Organizational Knowledge

Is this for ISO 9001 or AS9100?

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Re: What kind of Objective Evidence - 7.1.6 - Organizational Knowledge

Sidney and Marc...

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Marc the question is for the AS9100D.

Sidney ... Its Rich D from San Francisco (UAL)...:thanks:


I have not posted for quite sometime and I could not find a thread for my question. Please direct me if there is one.

My question is in regards to training employees and management of the revised ISO9001;2016/AS9100Rev. D

Most of the changes that I can see deals most with Management/Leadership positions. Do I need to show training records for the transition for all employees or only those employees in those areas of new requirements?

I realize there are some new requirements that will involve training of employees such as awareness, ethical, product safety, counterfeit materials.


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Do I need to show training records for the transition for all employees?
No, you don't. If an external auditor tells you otherwise, his/her competence should be questioned.

Any employee who is not affected by the changes in the standard should not be bothered with non value added "training".

Even further, in my opinion, most employees should never be directly exposed to external standards and their revisions. They should be made aware of changes to the business processes they are involved with. If the process changes, due to, customer requirements, regulatory mandates, standards, internally driven improvement initiatives, etc... the employees need to become aware of the change, it's impact and how they need to support the change. To inject the source of the change into the mix might just confuse them.

You can also review the AS9100:2016 Transition FAQ document:

What is expected for Awareness (7.3)?
Individuals should be able to explain their role (i.e. sales, engineering, procurement, operator, repair technician) and how they contribute to quality; quality basics such as following instructions, reporting events, maintaining records; and know the use of the products and potential impact of failures.
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