What kind of Training do we need for Calibration? What topics?


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Hi Guys,
I am having a problem of presentation to our management, regarding training for calibration. Does we really need to attend a Training Course which includes the following: Introduction to Measurement and Calibration, Guide to Uncertainty in Measurement, Precision Electrical Test Measurement, Precision Temeperature Measurement, Precision Dimensional Measurement and Precision Mass Measurement: Or what do you advice do we have to attend?We are a ISO9001 company, most of the instruments were calibrated outside.I know that there is somethere which was his expertise in Calibration. Please help me to decide.
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If most of your calibrations are done outside, I don't see a big issue. i'm assuming that inside calibrations are 'simple' ones.

You have to meet the intent which is anyone who calibrates should understand what is involved with respect to his/her part in the program. For example, if you have a tech calibrate while someone else (such as the lab manager) addresses uncertainty issues, then the tech only needs training appropriate to what she/he does. The manager, however, should understand uncertainty principles and such.

The training you cite is probably aimed at smaller companies which don't have a 'calibration and measurement' expert in-house. I do see this quite often - An in-house cal lab where no one really understands measurement systems.
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