What literature is available on Preventive Action?


calqig - 2008

Hope you guys can help me out here!

I am looking for some good books that deal specifically with Preventive Action and are available in the UK.

Can anyone recommend any?

calqig - 2008


Hi Nosmo King!

Thanks for the tip! I shall search using those key words.
You are new to this forum too I see, so welcome.
I hope you find it as usefull as I have. It truly is a forum where people help people.


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It feels good here, but stay away from some places (Contemplating War for one):eek:

Pull the toe out and jump all the way in. I think you're the 1st person we have from your neck of the woods. Your views and input welcome.:bigwave:

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Randy is right. Jump right in!! I like the mix of folks here at the Cove and the different and fresh perspectives offered here.

Welcome to the Cove!!



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Welcome all new members, come on in the water is fine! Nosmo King, since you are from the ISO neck of the woods, maybe you can provide some ISO gossip;)

Nosmo King

Here is the answer to a prayer, calqig:

Go to www.patonpress.com and you can order "The Preventive Action Handbook" for $19.95

Hello gpainter, I do have a good friend at ISO but maybe it is not so good to pass on gossip? I will try!!!

calqig - 2008

Many, many thanks Nosmo King!
This is exactly what I've been looking for, you're a gem.
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