What positions can be outsourced in a 17025 lab?


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Or more specifically, what positions CANNOT be outsourced to third party/contractor in a 17025 lab? (ex. quality manager, test technicians)
I get calibration and maintenance, but how about other positions?

As a sole toll manufacturer for one company, we have a very intertwined relationship and long history. The company wants us to manage the test lab, but the lab is under their name, however the internal documents are currently under both company's names and for 4 years the lab has been using option B using our ISO 9001. We've been asked to split this as it doesn't fully follow the "one legal entity" rule but we are now having an issues figuring out who is allowed to be responsible for what.

The easiest way would be that it's completely separated, but we run into a resource issue. If it's under our name, we need to find a new lab tech. If it's under their name, we need to find someone who can manage the QMS.


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From my humble experience and observation, no resources cannot be outsourced to third party/contractor in a 17025 lab. Meaning you can outsource any position you need to run the lab. Of course, everything (outsourced) must be qualified and documented to meet various requirements. The background provided sounds pretty common.
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