What QMS Activities are the Majority of Your Work?


Sharon R

"majority of the work"

Angela, I'm curious what % of the QMS activities you would consider your "majority of the work" to be?? (90%? 52%) What is your title? Who is the main contact with customers and with the registrar? Are you considered management? Who does mgt reviews?

Is the CFO a figure-head or really involved and contributing to the QMS?



I would say that 90% of the work is done by me. Yes, I am Management. My title is QS-9000 Director. The C.O.O. completes the Management responsibility by establishing goals, business plans, benchmarking. He and I along with the other Managers complete the management review. I am the main contact for customers and for the registrar.




You're fortunate that you have someone else to assist you in establishing goals. All the information I've gleaned from various posts here has been distributed several times to several managers for ideas on what other companies use for measurables. I just can't get them to commit. Can you post a few of them here or sent them via e-mail so I can add them to the mix? If not, I'll hate you.:vfunny: :ko: :smokin:

M Greenaway

It might be a good idea to talk to our customers to establish what is important to them, and what level of performance they require. From this information we might be able to set objectives that will actually enhance our performance in the eyes of our customers.

Hey we might even be addressing another ISO9001 clause on Customer Focus without even knowing it !!


Fat chance

Jim Wade said:


I think you mentioned earlier that you employ an ISO 9000 consultant?

Isn't he helping by delivering a strong message to your management colleagues along these lines (but obviously stated more diplomatically)?....

"You will remember that you committed in your quality policy to continually improve results? It says here [4.2.1] that we need objectives for those improvements written down. And here [5.1] it says its your job to show commitment by ensuring that objectives are established.

"Let me help and advise you on this not only because, without your decisions on issues such as the measurement of customer perception, we can't get a certificate, but also because, without meaningful objectives, your system cannot deliver benefits"

rgds Jim

Good question/idea. This Consultant, which I didn't select, is of no assistance on his own. Objectives? Never mentioned it. Interaction between processes? Never mentioned it. As you suggest, we will putting some very pointed questions to him regarding these issues. My gut feel is that he is 94 version all the way. I can understand him feeling that goals are internal and up to us to decide what and how. There was nothing to add to the examples I put on the table. The other issue is best reserved for one of the "Process" threads. :bigwave: :ko: :smokin:

Brad Serangeli

I am in kind of the same situation that Sharon is. It is my responsibility to asssure that audits, the manual, procedures, and other supporting documents are ready but our CFO and CEO must come up with the benchmarks and goals. It just gets somewhat frustrating when you keep asking and asking top management for their portion of the work. I have stated to them several times that they must be the source not the support for this but I get the same old answer everytime. In the thread for mgmt. resp. I have stated my case against the CFO being the rep.:bonk:



We hold a management meeting monthly. We have established goals that each of us our responsible for. Things such as Internal audits, customer satisfaction, nonconforming product, delivery time, supplier ratings, PPM's, excess transportation etc. These are goals that we discuss monthly. We have trend charts and other supporting information. Each has an establish goal. If you meet your goal we discuss how you did so. If you don't we discuss different approaches to take. We also establish press time goals for our operators. We do trends and utilize it to show the operator. Is this the sort of info that you are looking for?

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