What 'Quality' stuff do you hang on your cubical walls?



What do you all hang?

I have recently been promoted as the Quality Rep.
Just curious to know ,what kind of posters/graphs/wisecracks adorn the walls of the quality rep.
Let me rephrase the question-
What do you have on your wall?:bigwave:

M Greenaway

Didnt realise that wall decoration requirements went with promotions !

Try hanging up the balls of those that keep screwing up !

Chris May

"Promoted" to Quality rep.............????

Interesting concept.

Chris:vfunny: :vfunny: :vfunny:


Check Please

Sorry to hear about your promotion. Kidding. Good luck and here is my input.

1st and most importantly, hang some of your favorite comics where you can see them clearly. Trust me you will need to find humor if you’re in Quality. Also, I have our Quality Policy, Deming’s 13, one of my Random Quality Quips: e.g. “If it moves, train it. If it doesn’t move, calibrate it. If it isn’t written down, it never happened”, a few of my key performance indicators (scrap, rework, cust returns, etc), and my weekly inspirational quote (not religious, just positive thinking stuff). Everything else represents my true loves outside of the office and reminds me about the only reason I still do this--to support my fun habits : wine, cigars and golf. Have a fun week.
Not a lot on my walls...

Hmmm. I wouldn't follow Marcus' advice (ouch):eek:. After all, I've been known to make the odd mistake myself....

Ok, seriously now. Back to NITINs question: No quality related posters/graphs/wisecracks on these walls. I'm walking the minimalist path, getting rid of a lot of stuff instead.

I do have a lot of graphs and info... but it's all on the intranet.


Mike S.

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Hang whatever you want, but remember that image means something. Customers as well as company people from CEO's on down to the bottom will see it. I stay away from the typical inspirational posters, but as others have said charts and graphs of your products' quality, along with awards, certifications, diplomas, degrees, etc. can look good and project a professional image. Whatever you post, live up to it and keep it up-to-date.


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I generally put up a signed, pencil drawing of John Wayne as Col. Kirby from "The Green Berets". ;)


No real "walls" here - we have cubicles that are only desk-high on three sides and 6 feet high on one side (to divide the rows). So there's not alot of space and nowhere to hang anything formal.

I put a comic where everyone can read it when they walk by, a few "quality" quotes, magazine pictures of Italy (so I can escape on minute long vacations), and the To-Do lists for the various departments. Anything else that I want to keep track of instead of getting buried under the paper pile gets thumbtacked up there too. When it starts getting messy I clean it up.
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