What 'Quality' stuff do you hang on your cubical walls?


Ken K

My Ship Sunk!

Gee, this made me look around my office and really see what's on the walls.

Corporate Quality Policy is on one, a big buck and a couple certificates on another, three pheasants and family pictures on another and a soaring eagle, Dale Earnhardt flag, sombrero, misc. lab stuff, calender, a "Lab Assistant From ****" cartoon given to me from my previous boss and a slogan ( "I" Is The Language of a Simple Mind) for the non-believers on another.

I think I need more stuff.


I too have Minard's poster of Napolean march to Moscow...best graph in the history of (wo)man. :D

I also have a whip. I never need to say a word about it. It speaks for itself. ;)

I have a wonderful picture from a BSI publication of a teddy bear being set on fire...the ultimate in destructive safety testing.

And finally, I have a picture of my cockatiel eating cheerios out of my cereal bowl, and pcitures of my two sons from kindergarten to present (one's 24 the other is 17)

Oh, and I have a gargoyle who guards my computer.

Rock on!
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