What regulates DICOM Viewer? Wat are the mandatory info that shall be displayed on the screen?


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Hi everyone,

is there a technical reference (like IEC Standards or ISO, etc) what regulates DICOM Viewer (more than IEC 62304 if it is classified as medical software).
I am interested particularly on what are the mandatory info that shall be displayed on the screen: patient name, patient birthday, exposure parameters? I suppose most of these info, with respect to the DICOM Standard, can be configured to be displayed or not, but is there any reference on the information that is mandatory to be displayed.
e.g also a "scale" or the indication of planes in "x-ray devices".

Other related question: if references are available, are they different depending on technology? (MRI, X-RAY, ECO, etc.)

Thank you for your attention.
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As far as I know (and I'm not an expert on this), there are no standards regarding what you display. DICOM just defines the content and security of the images. What you display would most likely be driven by your customer needs. Maybe there are others that have more experience here.
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