What should be the contents of the New Gage Introduction Form ?




I have just been looking at my new companies calibration records and was a littled surprised at just incomplete they are. I really do not feel that we have a good handle on gauge data.

To this end, I want to introduce a gauge introduction form to help in the planning of calibrations, msa etc.

I am looking for any suggestions as what to include on such a document.

To my mind a good start would be;
Gauge Number
Serial Number
What is equipement used for?
Calibration Internal or External
Calibration Costs
Calibration frequency
Calibration Certificate type (eg UKAS, Traceable)

Any advice you have would be greatly recieved.

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Couple of things. When you already have Location, Parameter, Specification, etc, I do not understand - 'What is equipment used for?'. Could be redundant to have there. Possibly, you can include if the Gauge is used to measure some Safety/Regulatory Characteristics. This might help you in the event of providing Deviation for Gauges that overshoot Calibration due. Otherwise looks fine for me.


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Take a look at ours. Going to remove a few, but it has served us well. (also, take a look at 17025 and Z540.1, .3; they will have minimum requirements.)

"An electronic record for MTE will include the following information, when applicable:
 Instrument Nomenclature (Description)
 Serial number
 Model number
 Unique Identifier (e.g., equipment control number, etc.)
 Manufacturer's name
 Equipment user (individual and organization)
 Calibration servicing activity
 Calibration representative
 Calibration technician
 Reason for submission, verification, new instrument (initial acceptance), recall, calibration or repair
 Measurement Uncertainty
 Calibration date
 Previous service date
 Calibration due date
 Calibration interval
 Calibration data, remarks, limitations, repairs or servicing performed
 Standards used
 Reason for calibration interval adjustment
 Calibration status category types (i.e., limited Cal, etc.)
Arrange the electronic equipment record so that it will constitute a recall file with positive indication of the calibration due date . . ."
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