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What should I do and how???



I work in an electroplating shop and my boss would like to get QS certified. I have been with the company for a little over a year now and over the last four years a couple different Quality Managers have begun and the process (internal paperwork) for certification. I am sure they were going for the QS-9000 (1994) version....I have a few books QS-9000 third edition. Should I try to find out where they left off and pick it up from there or should I start over, and is QS-9000 what I should shoot for or is that out dated?

Any input would be appreciated!


The reason for certification is to make some of our current customers (who deal with the Big 3 directly) happy, as well as to attract customers whom require companies to be certified.

Would the books I have give me the basic outline/checklist for certification?

I have the following QS9000 3rd edition books:

Quality System Requirements

Are there any other Quality Managers that work in a Plating shop that would like to give their opinions too?

Thank you!

Kevin Mader

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The QSA also (Quality Systems Assessment). This is a canned set of questions used for QS9000 assessments.

All the manuals should help you to get on your way.

I haven't noticed any other plating folks here, but there must be some. Anyone?


Dan Larsen

Yes...plating, heat treat, and welding background...metallurgist...former QC Manager...etc, etc, etc...

Creating a QS system in a job shop environment can be tough, but it's not impossible. Start with the AIAG manuals and then "read into" them. Maybe consider replacing words like "product" with "process"...consider what your "product" is (the plating services you provide). Make sure the system you design is responsive to YOUR needs (most service companies face customer demands for quick turn, yet they want to know you took the time for planning).

It can be done, just have to be a bit creative in your thinking sometimes. And ready to defend your system against the preconceived notions of the auditor <smile>.


[My humble apologies...I'm rambling and tending to an ad...but if electroplating23 has more specific questions on this board as he gets his feet wet with what's been offered so far, I'll most likely jump in with my thoughts ;) ]

Kevin Mader

One of THE Original Covers!
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Should you do QS9000?

I guess it would depend on a few things:

Is your Customer (Ford/Chrysler/GM or the supplier to them) requiring you to become certified (if you supply GM or Chrysler, then you are required)?

Are you trying to get QS9000 to attract new business?

Are you trying to conform to QS9000 to improve your business?

Next question: should you try to pick up where someone left off?

My suggestion here is to read through the requirements first and become familiar with what they are asking. Next, I would visit the Cove here and ask more questions and do searches to your questions using the search engine. I suggest looking for QS9000 seminars in your area that you could attend to further improve your understanding. I would also suggest that you employ the services of a consultant (Marc Smith who created/supports this site is a consultant with vast experience with Quality Systems) to get you through the typical tough spots (lack of experience and training programs). You will inevitably hit these snags (who trains your Internal Auditors for instance).

I hope this helps.


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