What should the FMEA Severity for SC & CC Characteristics be?



Hello All,

According to FMEA mentality; what should be the severity for the SC & CC Characteristics one by one?

I mean as i know severity is constant for them but i dont remember the range like for SC; 6 < X < 9.

If anyone knows, please share :)


Are you asking for a particular industry?

I would think it might depend on your product application.

Also might depend on who your customers are.


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I have same question.

From AIAG 4th edition ranking tables, as far as I know, SC comes from:
Severity 5-8 AND Ocurrence 4-10 .

More expert opinions??


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Generally 9 & 10 in severity rating for CC as these parameter are related with safety requirement.
While SC is from 5 to 8, it is related with functional requirement of the product
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