What social media do you use?



Just a quick question, what social media do yo use, and is there a specific reason for why? I'll start:

Facebook, widely used, communication with friends and family
Twitter and Instagram, mainly for posting racing stuff for my sponsors
SnapChat, most recently because my oldest daughter likes it, and I need to improve communication with her, and if this does it, than that's good.
I gave up Linked In over a year ago, and deleted my FB page years ago, I do maintain a FB community page, but not a personal one. In the past few years I have shed everything that is Google or Microsoft related or branded and now run a Linux laptop with full encryption and Protonmail and use Tails/Tor.


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I use Linkedin and Twitter, Skype not so much any more, but can happen.
I also have my own webpage, everyone can do that easily nowadays.

I DON'T have fb and among others I don't trust them dealing with my data.
When it comes to socialize design there actually was a way better social media in my country, but "suddenly" there was a lot of new profiles suggesting groups going to Facebook, and suddenly reporters in radio etc. mentioned FB.
Lucky, unfair or smart marketing...

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  • Facebook, for staying in contact with my daughter who is studyinig abroad, and friends all over the place.
  • Skype, same as above.
  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram, as I am fond of photography.
  • SnapChat, Limited use.


I started using Facebook after I missed my 25 year high school class reunion because that's how notifications went out. I continue to use it to stay in touch with friends and family, as well as promote my music endeavors.

Deleted my MySpace account years ago, and have never ventured into any of the other social media options. Just not interested in spending all my time that way.

I am a member of a small handful of topic-specific forums, such as Elsmar, but I'm trying to limit my time on those as well, in favor of more productive pursuits. It's tough, though, because I learn a lot here and there.

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Linked In & Skype for business & friends abroad.
I don't trust Facebook - Twitter etc. so never bothered to join them.


I neglected to mention my LinkedIn account ... which I also neglect.
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