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What subcommands can be used with "Stop" in Minitab 18?

Just a quick question. I notice that in Minitab 18, if you type "Stop;" the subcommands prompt comes up.

I've tried "Noprompt" and others, but always get an error message.

Anyone know what subcommands are allowed there?


Nicholas Kormanik
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Are you trying to create/run a macro in Minitab, or are you typing this into the command prompt? This is a link to the Minitab 18 Macros Help reference. I did not recall, and could not find a Stop macro, so I suspect that you are seeing the normal fault when it encounters an error. You may be wanting the Pause or Exit macro instead.
Of course you have seen the Stop command.

What you haven't seen is a subcommand for the Stop command. Nor have I.


But... if we were to ask the insiders at Minitab......

Ya know. Whatever.....


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Actually, I have not. I checked 10 macros and none use the Stop command. The Macro Help link I provided earlier does not contain that command. You will find End, EndIF, EndDO and Exit, but no Stop.
There is a difference between "command" and "macro."

In help you can find a list of all the commands. "Stop" is among those.

Any command can be used within a macro.
Nothing wrong with this point.

However, we still don't know the answer to my initial question.

Wonder what subcommands can be used there.

In Minitab 17, even attempting to use a subcommand -- i.e., using a semicolon at the end of Stop -- gave an error message.

Minitab 18 permits the semicolon, and waits there for you, asking what subcommand you want to use.
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