What they say....What they mean

Dr. L. Ramakrishnan

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I have a blog exclusively for my children and family. Here is one entry from that. These comments were heard in a wedding. You may like to add to the list below from other contexts too......

"A Random Walk in Science" is an interesting book published by the Physical Society of London .....among many interesting information in the book is this chapter on what people mean when they write something in the scientific paper (e.g. when they say "after a thorough literature survey" they mean "we have gone through a few journals available in our library"), I thought I should attempt a similar one on what people say and what they mean. Here are some of the initial entries........we can enrich this as the days go....

1. "Beautiful Couple" - I cannot say otherwise, you will throw me out
2. "Nice Food" - Worth the spending to come here
3. "Made for each other" - I had rehersed this dialogue even before coming here; I cannot change it now
4. "Excellent Arrangements" - You are normally untidy; how could you do this?
5. "Shall I take leave" - Give me the momento - don't forget
6. "Ask me for any help" - Forget it...I am too busy to waste my time here
7. "Cute Baby" - I can't say the same thing about you
8. "You are very kind" - Let me tell you after my job is over
9. "Great Wedding" - The food was fantastic-I, with my family, enjoyed it in all the sessions
10. "Good People" - Stupid fellows..

Add more if you have.....enjoy